ICF hanger system

The ICF hanger system is available in both standard Flat and 45-degree angle plates.

An inexpensive yet labor- friendly connection system.


A. ICF hanger insert plate

B. 45° ICF hanger insert plate

C. Retrofit bracket

D. Stamped bearing bracket


A. Placa de inserção do cabide ICF
Quantity/Box 50 PCS
Code # NUS-AIHIP-00


B. Placa de inserção do cabide de 45° ICF
Quantity/Box 20 PCS
Code # NUS-AIHIP-45


C.Suporte de reequipamento
Quantity/Box 12 PCS
Code # NUS-AIRFB-00


D. Suporte de Rolamento Estampado
Quantity/Box 25 PCS
Code # NUS-AISBB-00