Architects and Engineers

Build better value into your structures

Designing gorgeous and sustainable buildings that offer superior performance benefits can help your structures leave a lasting impression and positive impact.

Nudura by Constreco, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) let you do just that while giving you the maximum design flexibility to create the unique structures you envision. Our interlocking blocks can be custom cut to the shape or radius you specify, meaning the only limit to your designs is your imagination.

Build better creativity into your designs

ARTISTIC. Innovative design possibilities for single or multi-story projects with tall, retaining, or load-bearing walls.

VERSATILE. Our ICFs come in a variety of form combinations and widths to meet the requirements of any project.

AESTHETIC. A variety of finishing materials, such as stucco, simulated brick or stone, or wood, can be directly applied to the exterior of an ICF.

Give your clients a safe, reliable, and sustainable building that will keep them satisfied and comfortable for years to come.



ICFs are quicker and easier to install than wood framing and take up less space on the job site, saving your labor and other expenses.


Energetic efficiency with advanced energy-efficient insulation that creates comfortable temperatures for occupants.


Building all year is possible with ICFs, even in below-freezing temperatures, so you never have to slow down the building site.