Alignment system


An essential element of the Constreco ICF product line-up is the Constreco Wall Alignment System, which is installed during the insulated concrete form construction process.

The Constreco Wall Alignment System is a multi-purpose set of components that ensures during the insulated concrete form construction process; the forming system is supported during concrete placement, while also providing a safe working platform for the installer. As with any scaffold system, safety must always be monitored on the project. The installer needs to be aware of and understand all safety codes and regulations for spacing, planking, and safety rails.


Alignment system design

The alignment system has been designed to support the weight of the workers, wind loads, and the weight of the insulated concrete form wall only. Should the alignment system be used for things other than insulated concrete form construction, it may result in failure and possibly bodily harm to the workers using the system.


Where to find it?

Constreco ICF Distributors can assist in all aspects when it comes to the Nudura Alignment system and its use during the insulated concrete form construction process. Nudura also provides detailed instructions on how to properly install and use the alignment system during construction with Constreco Insulated Concrete Form